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Our vines, our wines...

The vineyard, which is organically farmed, covers 32ha
split into two geographic entities: each of our wines thus has a truly unique style.

What matters most to us is to be able to show how rich and complex
our camarguais terroirs are.

One love...

Two terroirs...

The vineyard was entirely re-shaped and re-structured in the 1980s by removing the vines that no longer gave satisfaction and by planting carefully selected new grape-varities. 

Those grape-varities were selected by Patrick on account of their aromatic profil and their ability to grow properly in Camargue;  he chose Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Caladoc, Marselan, Chardonnay and Rolle (Vermentino) to start anew.

Respecting and protecting the astonishing environment we are lucky enough to call home is at the forefront of all our decisions.

We committed ourselves to Organic Farming in 2006. First with the Mas de Valériole vines, then with those at Domaine Saint Vincent. This decision made us rethink our ways of caring for the vineyard so, we invested in tools adapted to tillage, particularly regarding weeding.


We are deeply convinced that the quality of the grapes, produced from a healthy vine, is the future wine-to-be’s top asset.


Therefore, the production of each wine requires preparation, reflection and time spent in the vine rows...

Discover our wines

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