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Accessibility - Tourism & Disability

Visual / Hearing / Physical / Intellectual disabilities

So that wine is accessible to everyone

Registre Public d'Accessibilité (French version)

(mandatory document which contains all required pieces of info - if needed in English, please contact us)

Certified on December 21st, 2023.

Usable for the next 5 years.

Where to park?

As shown on the pictures, there is a dedicated parking spot for disabled people.

This parking spot gives direct access to the wine shop entrance: there is no obstacle or step on the way.

Of course, if need be, the car can be parked for a few minutes in front of the door so that the person who needs to can get down from the car easily and access the wine shop directly (than the car will have to be parked further away of course).

Access to the wine shop

TheThe wine shop was fully renovated in 2013 according to applicable standards, especially regarding accessibility for disabled people.

A side-walk runs all around the wine shop so that wheelchair users and visitors with physical disabilities can access the shop easily.


The door to the wine shop isn't automated; during our opening hours, there is always someone to come and welcome you and open the door for you.

In case we don't hear your arrival, a door bell is located on the left-hand side

of the door.


The Wine Shop

We usually open the door on the left-hand side; it is 80cm wide.


If need be, we can also open the door on the right hand side.

There is lots of space in the wine shop to move around.

There is space along the display stands, between the tables

and in front of the counter.


The tastings can be held at the counter or at the tables.


Each to their own: feel free to sit at the tables to be confortable during the tastings or if you just need to sit for a moment.


Here are all the wine descriptions to our wines :

The Counter / Checkout

An extension to the counter was added so that everyone can feel at ease

to pay and collect their purchases.

There is a folder on this counter, available to everyone, that contains all the mandatory documents as well as pictures and useful pieces of info about the Mas.

There are also flyers on the counter, as well as a notebook that can be used to communicate via writing if need be.

Our payment terminal can be presented on this counter as well.

* please note that all the documents and flyers available at the wine shop are solely offered on paper; we do not have any digital material.


Toilets / Bathroom

We do have two separate toilets; one of them is accessible to disabled people, including of course wheelchair users.

A support bar is present on the right-hand side of the toilet.


A bin with an easy-to-open lid has been added in the toilet.


The Michel family and their co-workers are happy to welcome you!

All members of the team who welcome visitors have been told about the proper ways to welcome disabled people.

We did our research and became aware of the right ways and manners we should be showing when welcoming disabled visitors so that every single person who comes to the Mas feels welcomed and respected.

Of course, don't hesitate to ask us for help if need be; we are here to make your visit at our wine shop as pleasant as possible.


Guide dogs and assistance dogs are of course welcome!

Don't hesitate to call us on the phone ( or send us an email ( if you have any question prior to your visit.


Our opening hours, from Monday to Friday and on Saturday afternoons:

Nov. 1st to March 31st : 9AM/12AM - 3PM/6PM

April 1st to Oct. 31st : 9AM/12AM - 3PM/7PM

Please note that we are closed on Saturday mornings, Sundays and bank holidays.

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