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“Shaped by a Land,

led by a Family"

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Welcome to Mas de Valériole,
an organic vineyard located at the heart
of the Camargue Regional Natural Park (in Provence).

Mas de Valériole is located within an outstanding territory:

the Camargue Regional and Natural Park,in Provence.

The MICHEL family will be happy to welcome you

in this preserved environment.

The Mas (local word for "farm") bears the name of its founder:

François Valériole, a doctor in Arles who first brought this place to life in 1426.

Above all, this place is about family: the MICHEL family settled here at the beginning of the 1960s and never left.

The love and attachment to this place is stronger than ever with the third generation slowly taking the lead.

Patrick and Jean-Paul, sons to René and Nicole, still run the place:

the first is our winemaker,

the second is in charge of all the "bigger crops" (rice, wheat, sunflowers...).


Their sons have now joined them at the farm:

Maxime as an oenologist,

as for Laurent and Armand, they are in charge of growing our organic rice.

We would be happy to welcome you during our opening hours, from Monday to Friday and on Saturday afternoons:

Nov. 1st to March 31st : 9AM/12AM - 3PM/6PM

April 1st to Oct. 31st : 9AM/12AM - 3PM/7PM

Please note that we are closed on Saturday mornings, Sundays and bank holidays.

Address : RD 36b de Gageron à Villeneuve, 13200 Arles, Camargue

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