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Shop, tastings & oenological activites 

Welcome to our wine cellar where tastings and oenological activities
are hosted all year round!

We are happy to welcome you during our opening hours to have you discover

and taste freely a selection of our wines.

Whether you are a private individual or a company, we offer a wide range of activities that we can adapt according your needs and demands.

Groups of 10+ people are welcome.

You can book commented out tastings and oenological activities:

We would be happy to welcome you during our opening hours, from Monday to Friday and on Saturday afternoons:

Nov. 1st to March 31st : 9AM/12AM - 3PM/6PM

April 1st to Oct. 31st : 9AM/12AM - 3PM/7PM

Please note that we are closed on Saturday mornings, Sundays and bank holidays.

- Analytical Wine Tasting :  Duration : 1h30 - 15€/person

"Apéritif" spirit

3 of our organic wines will be tasted and discussed (red, rosé and/or white to your convenience)

We will be talking about the wines's colors, scents and mouth feels throught technical words explained at each stage.

Local bull saucisson (dried sausage) & local sheep cheese are offered during the tasting.

- Geo-sensorial Wine Tasting : Duration : 1h30 - 16€/person

Closer to the Terroir

Unusual tasting that focuses on the relationship taht exists between the wine that you get in your glass and the terroir that birthed it.

verre We will be talking about sand, limestone and texture in the mouth: a blind tasting experience that will forever remain a great memory of your time in Camargue!

- Activities throughout the year :  Duration : 1h30 - 15€/person
* Beginner's Guide to Ampelography (July-August)
* Christmas Creative Classes (November-December)

Feel free to phone us (

or to send us an email (

if you have any question or any special request

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