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Our rice production 

In the Camargue you can find a huge number of rice varieties: Long grain rice, round rice, aromatic rice, wholegrain rice, red and black rice and lots more…

Rice is the other important crop at Mas de Valériole. Jean-Paul Michel is the person in charge.


In Camargue, many rice varieties can be found: long grain and very long grain, round grain, aromatic rice; quick-cooking rice is marketed as well as wholegrain, brown, red or black rice… Camargue rice bears a Protected Geographical Indication since 6 June 2000.


In winter, the fields need to be prepared for future sowing. Rice is sowed in the spring between 25 April and 10 May, and its harvest occurs five months later in September and October depending on the variety. It is the period in which Camargue looks like a water mirror.

It is said that rice has its feet in the water and its head in the sun, and it’s true! Rice grows in water that a whole network of canals brings from the Rhône into the paddy fields. Managing this water and its level according to temperatures and to rice growth stage is essential.

This means Jean-Paul explores all dirt tracks within the 200ha of paddy fields he is in charge of. This work is demanding and varies every year as it is highly related to climatic conditions.

Yet, as mid-September approaches, frenzy takes hold of Camargue from which no one escapes: harvest begins!

If you come to Camargue at that time, you will see the combines operating in the paddy fields and you will follow heavy trailers with freshly harvested rice along the little roads, carrying a full year’s work…

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At Mas de Valériole we have rice of the “Terre de Riz” range for sale:


  • Aromatic long grain rice

  • Round rice for desserts

  • Risotto rice

  • Wholegrain rice

  • Red rice

  • Black rice


Visit the website of our Rice farmers’ trade union:

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