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 Cham - Cham  

Born from plot selections, those are wines for special moments...

Cham-Cham RED

Tasting : garnet-coloured wine. The nose is powerful and complex.
Many aromas can be smelt: spices, cocoa, dark chocolate, tobacco, and
also, bay leaf, blackcurrant and a hint of fresh mint. The aromas deepen
and get more complex in the mouth, especially with cinnamon and
woody hints.


The mouth is full and voluminous, some saltiness carries
the length on the palate; overall, this is a very fine and elegant wine.


Serving temperature: slight decanting, to be served at 18°C - to be opened 2 hours ahead


Wine & food pairings: wild boar stew, “gardianne de taureau” (local bull
stew), roasted duck, bull slab, deer stew, capon with chestnuts.


Cham-Cham - 75 cl

Cham-Cham WHITE

Tasting: Golden colour with green hints. The nose is complex: mainly
ripened lemon accompanied with notes of hawthorn, acacia, dried
grapes, candied pineapple and hints of butter.


The mouth is voluminous/full-bodied and all the aromas that were
smelt can be found in the mouth. Both the fineness and freshness
contained in this aged wine part-take in its balance. It is smooth and
fresh and the length is carried through a noticeable saltiness, typical of
our soils.


Serving temperature: 12°C - to be opened 2 hours ahead


Wine & food pairings: poultry with a mushroom sauce, fish with a
saffron sauce, fish Colombo, stuffed crab.


Cham-Cham - 75 cl

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