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Our white wines

Discover our white wines, the Valcarès from Mas de Valériole and the Charmentin from the Domaine Saint Vincent.
A taste of méditerranée, the cool wine makes the glasses sweat; a flair of holidays follows you all year long.
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Grape varieties: single varietal Chardonnay 100%

Tasting notes: pale gold with a bright rim. Orange blossom nose, with citrus and pastry. A fresh, buttery palate with floral notes, with a soft finish. The long finish lets the wine’s light sweetness show.


Food pairing: Valcarès is a food wine. Morel mushrooms in sauce, poultry in cream sauce, fish and cooked shellfish.


Serving temperature: 12°C


Available: Valcarès 2021 - 75 cl 

Charmentin 19 test.jpg

Grape varieties: Chardonnay 25% / Vermentino 75% (Rolle)

Tasting notes: pale colour with hints of green. The bouquet is fresh and lemony. The mouth, fresh with citrus notes, ends on a saline final, giving the wine its originality.

Food pairing: as an aperitif, or with grilled fish, oysters, and seafood.


Serving temperature: 10°C


Available: Charmentin 2021 - 75 cl

Guéritou orange "No sulfites added"
Grape varieties: 100 % Vermentino

Tasting notes: Notes of peaches and candied lemon with buttery finish 

Food pairing: Exotic and oriental cooking, comté, Lemon Meringue Pie.

Elixir created in honor of the founder of the estate Docteur François de Valeriole wich will take care of all your ills.


Serving temperature: 12°C


Available: Guéritou - 75 cl

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