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Our terroir expresses its character in all our wines: in the whites even more so. 

A hint of saltiness, typical from our terroir and completely natural, can be perceived in each of our three white wines: a hint of the Mediterrannean that follows the wine-enthousiast even when away from the shore. 

Our skin-contact white wine is "the new kid" amongst our range and it is every bit as good as its predecessors.


Grape varieties: 10% Chardonnay / 90% Vermentino (Rolle)


Tasting: White wine with a golden colour and green hints. The nose is fresh, citrusy, and overall based on citrus fruit. The mouth is fresh and vivid, its length on the palate is carried by its saltiness, which is actually what makes it stand out amongst our other wines.


Serving temperature: 10°C


Wine & food pairings: grilled fish, oysters, seafood in general, goat cheese, mixed salads with tuna for example or hot goat cheese.

Charmentin 2022 - 75 cl

Grape varieties: 100% Chardonnay

Tasting: Golden colour with green hints. The nose has lemon verbena tea aromas, coupled with box tree, banana and acacia scents. The nose is complex and pleasing. The mouth is more intense on ripened banana flavours, grilled hazelnut and brioche. It’s a voluptuous white wine, full-bodied and with a great freshness.


Service temperature: 12°


Wine & food pairings: buffet dinner/walking dinner, various sea food, cooked oysters, fish with a tomato & herb sauce, grilled poultry.


 Valcarès 2022 - 75 cl 


Our white wines 


Grape varieties: Chardonnay & Vermentino


Tasting: Golden colour with green hints. The nose is complex: mainly
ripened lemon accompanied with notes of hawthorn, acacia, dried
grapes, candied pineapple and hints of butter.


The mouth is voluminous/full-bodied and all the aromas that were
smelt can be found in the mouth. Both the fineness and freshness
contained in this aged wine part-take in its balance. It is smooth and
fresh and the length is carried through a noticeable saltiness, typical of
our soils.


Serving temperature: 12°C - to be opened 2 hours ahead


Wine & food pairings: poultry with a mushroom sauce, fish with a
saffron sauce, fish Colombo, stuffed crab.


Cham-Cham 2019 - 75 cl

Guéritou Orange / Skin-Contact - No added sulfites

Grape varieties: 100% Vermentino (on average 20 years old vines)

Tasting: Golden colour with green hints. The nose is pleasant, herbaceous, with main aromas of mint, tea, lychee and rose petal. The mouth is similar to the nose and gets more distinctive on peach, mango and fennel aromas. It is overall smooth and fresh.


Serving temperature: 12°


Wine & food pairings: Creole dishes and Oriental food such as jambalaya and couscous ; cheese party ; spicy guacamole ; peach soufflé.


Guéritou Orange 2022 - 75cl

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