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Sparkling White Wine

In French, sparkling water is usually referred to as "the water that sparkles" by kids;
it's not unusual to hear a child ask their mom:"Mom, can I get some sparkling water?"
"De l'eau qui pique" would then be the french phrasing; here we transformed
"qui pique" into "Kipik" to play solely on the pronounciation of the phrase.

So here is "Kipik" our sparkling water for grown-up kids!

Grape varieties: 100% Colombard

Tasting: Golden colour with hints of green. The nose is elegant ; the aromas are composed of white flowers, box tree and citrus fruits. The mouth is truly pleasing, especially thanks to the dainty bubbles. Aromas evolve into ripened mango, lychee, elder berry and green
apple. The mouth is overall fresh and charming.


Serving temperature: 10°


Wine & food pairings: during « l’apéritif », paired with shrimp and pineapple skewers, coconut crab-cakes, salmon-shrimps-mango tartar, foie gras terrine with citrus fruit jelly.

Kipik 2022 - 75 cl

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