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Our rosé wines 

Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Caladoc are the main ingredients in our rosés: from light-bodied to full-bodied, our rosés will be the perfect companions to join your aperitifs, and accompagny starters and light meals.


Grape varieties: MerlotCarbernet-Sauvignon

Tasting: pale and shiny pink colour. The nose is truly pleasing with notes of strawberries, fennel, anise and citrus fruit. The mouth is fresh and vivid, smooth and dainty, the length on the palate is carried by some saltiness and flower aromas. Overall well-balanced and fresh.


Serving temperature: 10°-12°C


Wine & food pairings: aperitif, mixed salads, summer vegetables, grilled lamb, and any dessert made with strawberry.

Nénette 2023 - 75 cl

Grape varieties: Caladoc (cross-bred between grenache noir and malbec) & Merlot

Tasting: Rosé wine with a charming baby pink colour. The nose carries aromas of sugary strawberry, small red fruits, small white flowers and citrus fruits. The mouth is truly pleasing and enjoyable, with aromas of green apples, lychee and mangos. It is fresh, vivid and saline.


Serving temperaure: 10°-12°C


Wine & food pairings: the perfect companion for an apéritif under the trees, with some green olives, raw vegetables served with some hummus, a mixed salad and grilled fish.

Vé 2023 - 75 cl

Grand Mar

Grape varieties: 100 % Caladoc (cross-bred between grenache noir and malbec)

Tasting: Deep baby pink colour in this full-bodied rosé. The nose is composed of white cherry, citrus fruits zests and vineyard peaches. The nose is overall dainty and elegant. The mouth is well balanced; the wine is delicate, well-structured, vivid and salty. The aromas evolve into passion fruit, guava and papaya flavours.


Serving temperature: 12°C


Wines & food pairings: crab salad, spicy shrimp skewer, spicy avocado toasts, rice with saffron, exotic fruit salad.

Grand Mar 2023 - 75 cl

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